The Glass Block Revival in Commercial and Residential Interior Design for 2021

It may come as a surprise to some and induce a certain type of shiver down the spine of others, to read that Glass Blocks have made a significant revival into the world of Architecture and Interiors. But before you flick to the next Blogger in disgust, please allow me to demonstrate and perhaps even change your mind regarding these 1980’s ‘ice walls’

Due to the sensitivity of the topic, I am going to cut to the chase and hit you with an outstanding piece of Architecture, transforming a traditional façade into a contemporary piece purely through the material used – Glass Block!

The Crystal Façade of CHANEL


The Crystal Façade of CHANEL

The Crystal Façade of CHANEL, Flagship Store in Amsterdam by MVRD was designed to overcome the long-debated topic of traditional architecture versus contemporary in areas of historic importance. Handcrafted solid glass blocks were individually cast mimicking the traditional architectural style while retaining an overtly contemporary edge due to the nature of the crystal detailing …. I hope I have your attention now!

Impressive Towering Glass Block Facades

The once ousted feature glass block wall has been transformed into impressive towering facades, accent windows and dramatic light filtered architectural features.

Glass Block Design Top Tips

The key to using glass block while simultaneously avoiding the chunky, icy shoulder-padded look of the 80’s lie with the following tips:

  • Sharpen up the surrounding frame or grout in a range of matt finishes and warm tones.
  • Alternate the spacing of the grout and dividers.
  • Steer clear of the retro ‘ Cloudy glass block aiming instead for clear or crystal glass in the contemporary range of colours currently available.


Glass Block Design Top Tips

Glass Block Energy Efficiency!

If you are not fully on board yet, Glass Blocks hold one more benefit – Energy Efficiency! Glass blocks are more insulating then your average window pane. Solar Squared glass blocks are currently in development which will have the capacity to store energy while allowing natural light to flood through effectively reducing the thermal transmittance of the glass block by up to 50%. This makes it possible to create architectural façades made entirely of glass blocks. Helping to promote the conservation of energy and safeguard the environment for a sustainable future. Convinced Yet?

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