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Residential Interiors

For the house & home

While everyone has access to such wonderful resources like Pinterest and Instagram it can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to actually pull together a scheme that not only follow trends but more importantly, we feel, complements a client’s individual style. Here at YBR Design, we pride our self in listening to a clients brief, helping them to develop a concept that will work in their particular space. We encourage them to be brave, step outside their boundaries, even if that means they reign it back in when it comes to the final design.

Starting with a simple ‘Mood Board’ to ensure we understand the brief in a visual way, we follow with a snapshot of how the scheme will look. This snapshot can be redeveloped following joint discussions until the client is happy with the concept. Once that process is completed we produce a final Visual alongside a Layout, detailed drawings and or elevations to ensure nominated furniture and fittings will fit within the space.

We believe that by working this way we can compose a scheme with relative ease allowing the client to have full control over the overall look and feel while making life easier for the client by sourcing any furniture, fittings and finishes required from a wide range of manufactures, suppliers and retailers that we have access to through years of experience within the industry. We can quickly visualise any space giving you the client, an overall vision for how space will look before committing to any proposal.

Commercial Interiors

Office spaces • Hospitality Interiors • Retail Interior Design

The one thing over 40 years combined experience in commercial interior design has provided YBRD with is an insight into the highs and lows of this industry. We have also learned that commercial interiors morph and change at a rapid pace and that flexibility is key. During the past few weeks we have paid close attention to the industry leaders from around the world in the Retail, Hospitality and Office sectors – where do they see the next phase and how will it look. While many of them are also finding a new ‘ Normal’ the one thing they can all agree on is that with the help of design we CAN and WILL find a better way and with the right consideration it may well be better overall.

So here at YBRD we are going to keep reading and researching and we are going to post about our findings and if only one tip helps a small business then we will be happy. We all know that Social Distancing guidelines will mean that businesses will need need to re-evaluate their customer flow and for every business space is a premium and need to be thoroughly considered in order for a business to succeed.


Commercial Office Interiors Devon
Residential Home Interiors Devon

Project Management

Commercial & Residential

Many design and construction projects today are under ever increasing pressure; budgets are cut, resources reduced, time frames ever more challenging, and yet despite all that, productivity increases are demanded. Today’s businesses and domestic clients cannot always provide the focus and time it takes to deliver projects effectively. Without the right expertise and guidance at the critical stages of a project – planning, procurement and delivery – the end result is the inevitable increase in time & cost to the projects.
The use of YBRD Project Management Services will provide a more structured initial planning procedure while assessing any potential risks within the project PRIOR to works on site. YBRD Project Management aim to provide an insight into greater forecasting of the problems and pitfalls within the design proposals while there is still time to mitigate and implement corrective solutions. We focus on three main prime issues – TIME, BUDGET & QUALITY ensuring a solid approach to managing all three areas.

YBRD Project Management Principals

Our principals behind the delivery of projects focus on the following :

  • Feasibility Study on the proposed brief.
  • Setting clear objectives and a realistic defined scope prior to works.
  • Providing sound advise from project conception through 30 years of experience within the industry.
  • Using a structured approach when managing risk.
  • Managing the procurement process and consistent management of the supply chain relationship.
  • Continuous measurement of performance of appointed contractors.
  • Supplying and implementing the crucial resources when required.
  • Stringent controls of project budgets.
  • Delivery of the completed project on time and to budget as agreed.

At YBRD we work collaboratively with our clients, suppliers and contractors from an early stage. YBRD Project Management have a proven track record in reducing costs, providing responsive resource and new technologies along with the skills and delivery expertise it takes to manage minor to major complex projects.