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Sustainable interior design

Devon Home Magazine featuring our very own Caoimhe Mckenna … Going Green

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Here, we show you how to change your environment for the better

We made it onto the pages of Devon Life Magazine … and this time it’s sustainable.

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Keeping it green on considered home interiors

Sustainable interior design

We made it onto the pages of Livingetc Magazine … and we are proud.

We were very excited to be asked by the inspiring Stacey Sheppard, Editor of award-winning UK interior design blog, The Design Sheppard for our tips on how to work with and enhance a small living room. Landing us with a spot within the pages of Livingetc, one of our go-to magazines when it comes to design inspiration and innovation.

“ Small living rooms are often cosy but they have to work much harder than their more spacious counterparts. Layout, furniture, window dressings, flooring and accessories all carry extra weight in a smaller space and it’s more important than ever to get the scale, proportions and balance right. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to play it safe either. It’s always good to follow the rules, but breaking them can make a much bigger statement. It’s all about knowing where the limits are and when you can push them. We’ve consulted the experts to find out their top tips for creating a small living room that is big on style. Read on to discover the small living room ideas they suggest….”

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