An Affordable and Sustainable Interior Design Scheme? Here is how and where you can find it!

I have spent the past two years ogling over some of the most stunning simplistic eco interior designs, sustainable furniture & fittings and natural tactile fabrics and finishes from an ever-increasing number of designers, architects, suppliers and makers. Nothing gives me more joy than to come across a beautifully crafted piece that is made with care for not only the finer details but also for the planet.

However many of these creations are out of the price range of the majority of us which leaves a sense of disappointment that in order to achieve the perfect sustainable interior deep pockets are required!

Create Beautiful, Stylish and yet Affordable Sustainable Interior Design.


I am on a mission to dispel that theory, I want to show that there are brands and makers out there who are creating the most beautiful, stylish, affordable, eco finishes, fixtures and furniture for the home environment. I want sustainable design to be accessible to everyone and by ‘accessible’ I mean easy to source without breaking the bank – doing away with the endless trawling through websites only to be left disheartened by a high price tag.

Some of the items are from small locally made craftspeople – I yes I agree true craftwork disserves to paid for their work and creativity, that is my industry too! – while others are from larger more well-known brands that are turning the tide and recognising that customers are looking to do the right thing. Not all of these companies may be completely sustainable and I will admit that at this point, however hopefully with the strength of consumer power pushing for change they will keep the tide turning for a safer, healthier stylish home interior and planet.


1. Affordable and Sustainable Furniture


Affordable and Sustainable Interior Design Scheme

Rose and Grey As a small, family-run company, Rose and Grey believes in building a long-term responsible and sustainable business, whilst minimising their negative impacts on society and maximising their positive ones.

Puji: Words such as tranquil, eco-friendly, sustainable, reclaimed and functional are what drive these designers and their company. Their vision “.. to create pieces that withstand the test of time, age beautifully and fit in both modern and traditional homes while being eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.”

Re-chic: home décor and furniture that contain recycled materials. They are ” determined to pursue a sustainable path through innovative production and design.”

Grain: Pioneering a truly sustainable approach to furniture retail, placing the needs of people and the planet at the heart of everything they do. Beautifully crafted timber furniture that would enhance any interior setting.

noo.ma: A  wide selection of furniture and accessories. “Our breakthrough approach lies in dreamlike designs, enjoyable materials, a future-oriented sustainability & reasonable price points.” I think it is my new favourite, – contemporary, clean lines and detailed to perfection.

Upcyclist: Although this is originated as a blog post, the products and ideas featured are based around an interior style that celebrates handcrafted, natural and repurposed elements.

Bombinate: “In a world that has lost touch with the meaning of quality, we oppose the short-lived thrill of trends and “fast fashion” to remind you what value should be – conscious manufacture, detail and quality.” Possibly veering more towards the pricier end of the market however by following the ethos ‘buy less, buy for longevity’ there is no better go to.

Revive Innovations: This is somewhat of a limited range however it is destined for great things if even if it is to rid the world of the vast quantity of unused CD’s!  unique composite made from 100% recycled material. Industrial style bar stools and side tables.

Nkuku: This company has stormed the market when it comes to manufacturing sustainable home interior furniture and accessories. With a passion for the environment and fair-trade practices as well as an interest in traditional crafts and interiors, their core values – ” Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Handmade”, but I think they forgot to include stylish also!

IKEA – sustainability-strategy: I can see many baulk at the thought as this global multinational furniture retailer seems to go against everything sustainable and run with everything mass-produced however Ikea have made great strides in developing their sustainability ethos from materials & manufacture, aiming to be 100% powered by renewable energy across the entire IKEA value chain .. perhaps I shall leave it up to them to convince you.


2.Affordable and Sustainable Flooring


Nordic Knots: Handmade Rugs by highly skilled and experienced Goodweave™ Certified weavers in Bhadohi, India. By ensuring their rugs are made by adult artisans, not children. GoodWeave™ is ending child labour and offering educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world. The only problem is settling on a favourite!

Weaver Green: Manufactures of rugs, throws & floor cushions which are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. In fact, in the last three years, they have already recycled over 160 million plastic bottles…Oh, and did I mention they are beautiful too!

Interfloor – renu: A Sustainable and ethically produced underlay made from sustainably sourced, carbon negative, sugar cane, recycled soft furnishings and 100% recycled paper. ” The really cool bit is when your underlay has reached the ‘end of its life’ it can be returned to us and we will use it to create new rolls of renu®!” True cradle to cradle process.

Broad Leaf timber: Sustainable wood floors sourced from well-managed forests, the majority of which are FSC® or PEFC certified. All of our timber is EUTR compliant and we also source as close to home as possible to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. Broadleaf are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified.

Colour flooring Company: An inspiring range of vinyl, rubber and cork eco-friendly flooring with a contemporary feel.

Sisal and Seagrass With a simple aim to supply the highest quality organic floors and rugs at reasonable prices, need we say more…except to add that they are beautiful also.


3.Affordable and Sustainable Lighting


Re-chic: A beautiful collection of unique and truly sustainable light fittings and other accessories. Their aim, to “pursue a sustainable path through innovative production and design”

Made in Design – Good-mojo: Eco-friendly lights made of sustainable and/or recycled materials while 5% of the sale price of each light fixture purchased is donated to aid the distribution of solar lamps for people in crisis areas.

Bombinate – lighting:  “Celebrating a joint passion between makers and customer for consciously designed, beautifully crafted products made to last”. Fast becoming our go-to for light fittings of every shape and size!

Lam Lighting Handmade contemporary porcelain lights.

Nove Lighting: “British lighting company committed to using natural materials, traditional craft and techniques with timeless contemporary design”. Possibly on the higher price range but definitely a lifetime purchase.


4.Affordable and Sustainable Bedding and Soft Furnishings


Piglet: range of durable linens that get softer and softer with wear. Beautiful range of linen bedding and soft furnishings made from flax.

Organic Cotton: Family-run business selling organic and sustainable fabric and cotton. From bamboo to hessian they have it all covered for a multitude of uses from curtains to upholstery.

The Wool Room: Providing the highest quality, highest levels of sustainability and ethically sourced organic wool bedding from mattresses through to throws.

Haines Collection:  The resale of unwanted textiles, wallpaper, lights and accessories that would most likely be headed for landfill. Their main mission is “to reduce waste in the interior industry”

Bed folk: Bedding uses the best quality 100% cotton / 100% linen, is ethically made and expertly woven, and is free from harmful chemicals. “By cutting the supply chain processes that don’t add value, we can sell our bedding at a fraction of the equivalent high street cost.”

Square Flower: GOTS-certified Organic cotton bedding free of pesticides and chemicals. “You can sleep soundly knowing that your sheets were stitched with care and dedication in a factory where wages are higher, working conditions are good, and there is no child labour.”.

Secret Linen Store: A beautiful range of natural well-made linen and Egyptian cotton bedding, as well as pillows and duvets which are made to order. Their aim –  to achieve high quality, sustainable practices at fair prices.

Linen fabrics : 100% natural designer fabrics for curtains, upholstery, bed linen and accessories many of which are Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certified. All at affordable prices too.

Offset Warehouse : Source the globe to bring together hand-picked eco fabrics and haberdashery, ideal for creating products that not only look good, but do the planet good, are kind to the workers who produced the raw materials. Suitable for upholstery, curtains, cushions and bedding.

Loom and Last : A whole world of interior fabric loveliness, including luxury bed linens, wonderful throws and cushions and curtains all made using natural fabric …. pure delight.

Organic Textile Company : Family-run business based in mid Wales selling organic and sustainable fabric and cotton.

5 Affordable and Sustainable Interior Design Accessories


Wearth London: An extensive range of eco-friendly bedding and high-quality sustainable home furnishings. Wearth London support British makers with most of their homewares made in the UK, helping to support the local economy whilst reducing the overall carbon footprint.

H&M Home – awards This brand will definitely fall into the ‘contentious issue’ category and as always I am up for a healthy debate. Much of the furniture has MDF components which is well known for its off-gassing of toxins! But the home accessories are turning a corner and with more customers questing and pushing I believe improvements can be achieved. So for the moment, I will keep them on!

Akojo Market: A colourful and unique range of handmade homeware and accessories from independent African designers. Promoting local culture and artisan craftsmanship,  worth a look to inject that extra wow factor to any space.

The Basket Room The Basket Room creates beautiful collections of handwoven, decorative storage baskets for the home. “.. we work with small craft collectives in Africa to bring you ethical, stylish accessories with a story”.

The Small Home: “By taking inspiration from the Japanese Wabi Sabi concept – seeing the beauty in imperfections – The Small Home hails the handmade, the natural and the unique .. committed to supporting small, socially responsible craftspeople and producers.  A beautifully curated range of home accessories that would outlast a lifetime of joy

On a final note, while the above guide lists out the retailers and suppliers that sell mainly new fixtures and finishes for the home, do not overlook the benefits in searching for a pre-loved purchase at eBay, a local markets or second-hand / antique stores. If you are truly looking to create a truly sustainable interior it is best to question the necessity of every purchase, the less the better. You can read more about the options available when it comes to sourcing sustainable Furniture, Wall finishes, Flooring finishes, Lighting and Fabric in my post The Definitive Guide to Creating Sustainable Interior Design. All the craftspeople, makers and manufacturers we have listed above, we feel, produce stylish home furnishings while simultaneously recognising the importance of looking after our planet and people through the entire manufacturing and delivery process.

I will admit some score higher on their sustainable practices than others and we acknowledge, that but as consumers, it is also our collective responsibility to educate ourselves, challenge, question and in some cases demand better practices. However for the moment we believe these companies are implementing these changes to the best of their knowledge and for that, we salute and thank them….and we will continue to push for more!


Join us on our journey and keep up to date with all of the exciting new blog posts and topics.


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