Sustainable Homeware for Slow living – A slower pace of living with Ingredients NDL

As I continue on my journey of research into sustainable interiors, the makers and designers who are creating beautiful well-crafted home wear that respects our planet and people, I came across this little gem Ingredients LDN. Not only do their unique and timeless pieces possess a tactile and transient nature but their entire ethos around the ‘Slow Living’ movement has been insightful as I while away my time foraging through the ‘Journal’ section ingesting the meaning and thoughtfulness behind the celebration of a slower pace of living whilst creating beautiful sustainable homeware.

“Our collections focus on natural materials rich in texture and character: linen that becomes softer with time and use, sustainably harvested wood, soft hand-loomed cotton, handmade stoneware, copper that develops a unique patina over time.”


The Slow Living Ethos


Sustainable Homeware for Slow livingThis slow living ethos is almost ritual in its approach to life’s daily mundane tasks. Take their traditionally handwoven 100% GOTS certified organic cotton towels .“Unlike mass-produced towels, because of their minimal processing, our organic cotton towels benefit from a slow breaking in process in order to reach their high absorbency potential.

Once you receive your towels you can train them to be super-absorbent by soaking them in cold water for 24 hours. This process slowly and delicately teaches the cotton how to absorb water properly while preserving the softness and integrity of the unbleached organic cotton.” 


Beautiful Homeware made with Patience


While their hand-dyed velvet cushion covers while simplistic in style are rich not only in the range of jewel colour tones but also in time”There is a beautiful, slow process behind the making of every single piece of velvet.  The process is entirely reliant on the weather as each piece of fabric is dyed outside, on dry, preferably overcast days which are most favourable for seeing the colour accurately. The fabric is subsequently strung up to dry in her lush, tree-filled garden before it is sewn into individual jewel-coloured cushion covers.”

In all, this luxurious textured authentic range of sustainable homeware for the bedroom, kitchen, living and bathroom in soft, subtle colour palettes and simple, quality design create a timeless aesthetic that will look as good in years to come as it does today.


Sustainable, Raw and Useful Furniture


However, as a furniture designer, it is the Safari Daybed that is the true showstopper!

I have to admit I am not terribly sure where I would put it – living room, hall, veranda? for it covers a multitude of uses from daybed to sofa to temporary guest bed. But that is merely a technical hitch. My appreciation for these simplistic little furniture pieces is..well, its simplicity!

The proportion, its finish of sustainably sourced beechwood, natural flax linen and sisal rope – such raw and basic components left in their natural state creating such a useful and pretty piece that covers a multitude of uses both inside and out. This piece of furniture does not need to stand out or shout or glitter. It’s as if it sits and waits patiently for someone to notice it and then never get up. It is beautifully crafted and cleverly assembles easily without the requirement of any screws or tools. And to top it off it has a beautiful caring story dating back to 1962 to accompany it. Sustainable homeware at its finest.


I am not entirely sure I could sum up this company any better than their own words so I shall leave it to them

Both the materials and the products we select encourage those who use them to slow down, savour and enjoy the present moment.”

I think we could all do with a lot more of that in our lives…

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