Cash for Curtains or Waste for Taste!

We are all aware of the latest ‘Cash for Curtains’ scandal that has hit No.10, who paid for what and for what. I am not here to add any political thoughts on this fire – that resides in the hands of The Electoral Commission.

Environmental standards?

What I do take out of the whole fiasco however is the deep sense of ‘Waste for Taste’! Everyone has an image and style that they wish to emulate within their surroundings, it’s our inherent human desire to make our mark on our tiny corner of the planet and for many, it is a strong signal of their power and wealth! But as the world wakes up to the negative effects we are inflicting on our planet and as governments seek to set environmental standards it is also up to individuals to take responsibility, and this includes a complete rethink on every purchase we make.

According to new research by construction blog Bimhow, the construction sector contributes to 23% of air pollution, 50% of the climatic change, 40% of drinking water pollution, and 50% of landfill wastes! As I wrote in my blog The Definitive Guide to Creating a Sustainable Interior Design UK homeowners spent an average of £4,035.70 on home renovation during lockdown! Imagine the positive impact if all those renovations and home improvements were sustainable choices.

What’s the environmental footprint?

A number of years ago the concept of ‘Fast fashion’ was exposed for its enormous environmental footprint in relation to its production, disposal methods as well as slavery! I think it is time consumers are also made aware of the negative environmental impact any home renovation, big or small can have if not undertaken with consideration and consciousness towards the planet.  The concept of updating an interior scheme to suit the whims of changing seasons or trend needs to be reviewed. Interiors need to be designed with future-proofing and flexibility in mind!

The lead comes from the top and when consumers see governments signing up for such unnecessary waste on a vanity project such as this it can only filter down through society.

Redefine our priorities

While there is an ever-expanding range of sustainable home finishes, fixtures and fitting available and a resurgence in craftspeople who use more traditional and sustainable practices it is not enough to specify eco-friendly materials throughout when the end result is more valuable resources being used and more landfill being wasted! We need to cut down on our expectation and need for opulence. Redefine what our priority is, our immediate surrounding or the overall environment.

Whatever the cost of the refurbishment and whoever paid for it, the bigger question should undoubtedly be WHY!





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