Barkers Cosmetics Hall

Complete redesign of the existing Cosmetics and Fragrance Hall in this Northallerton Department Store.

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Barkers Cosmetics Hall

Design Brief

To completely redesign the existing Cosmetics and Fragrance Hall in this Northallerton Department Store, doubling the area to 4100sq ft. The focus of the layout was to reflect the current trend for open sell fixtures, yet retain an element of traditional closed counters in order to alleviate theft. The ambience was to be contemporary and opulent to attract new customers while enticing new brands such as Chanel, Benifit and Lancome to buy into the store.

Barkers Cosmetics Hall


Due to the nature of the fixture design following an ‘In-House’ identity, creating a unified impression, a significant amount of time and effort was spent marketing this concept to individual Cosmetic Houses. These large multinational brands generally prefer to utilise their own fixtures in order to retain control over their individual brand identity. To know that they were willing to invest in our design was a large boost in confidence to the overall design concept.

Corian solid surface was chosen for the countertops due to its clean lines and versatility when it comes to forming the curves required to wrap along the top and down the sides of each front of house counters. Two existing support columns to the front of the store were cleverly clad in the tinted glass between which an illuminated shelf was installed to display seasonal goods. This was further enhanced by a series of LED colour changing polished acrylic ‘icicles’. The overall layout was such that the customer flow was reflected in a series of recessed colour changing oval ceiling rafts, creating a sense of openness and light.

Yellow Brick Road Interior Design Devon - Barkers Cosmetics Hall